Thursday, 1 May 2008

(everybody sing) i'm so pretty, so witty, so glovely

After this weekend's dyeing frenzy, we have lots of new colours in angora gloves.
There all made here in Melbourne from the most fantastic yarn I get specially spun in New Zealand, once knitted up they get hand-dyed in small batches. There tends to be variations in shades between batches so if you like a colour grab it when you see it. We mainly have stock of the long length this year but  there are limited colours available in the short and medium (personally I think the long are the bee's knees).
I also have a small run of medium alpaca fingerless gloves on the way. They are made from 3 ends of variously natural shaded local alpaca and some will be overdyed in pale shades so you can still see the marle effect (if you don't know what 'marle' is, think of a grey flecked t-shirt).
Also the extra long fine wool socks are being sampled at the moment so fingers crossed they should be available just as we need them in the dark-night of winter.
At the moment we have a wall of fingerless gloves hanging in the shop displaying all the colours.
Today' weather is too perfect for them! Come and get! Toasty warm hands and wrists guaranteed!

(For those of you that query whether one's fingers would get cold wearing fingerless gloves, it is quite amazing, I find that my hands don't overheat the way they do in full gloves and you don't need to take them on and off to do things. Perfect!)

Stock of the fingerless gloves available from Alice Euphemia, Craft Victoria, Douglas and Hope and, of course, COTTAGE INDUSTRY.


  1. BEAUTIFUL. I'll be round to visit in the morning! x

  2. Pene, I'm wondering what dye you recommend using. I have an old crocheted tablecloth that is a fugly shade of grey, I do love your vibrant colours and am hoping for some advice!

  3. Hi Pen - Dell mentioned you, then I noticed your comment & haven't had time to check in yet. Glad to have found you - am looking forward to reading your blog tonight. looks great.

  4. lovely textiles!
    love your blog!
    tried to contact you but no address.......

  5. oh I'm so rubbish at tech stuff. It must have dropped off when I changed my profile! - or is it Like I said, I'm rubbish at these things. I'll send you an email - might be easier. Have a lovely start to your week.x


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