Thursday, 1 May 2008

sock monkey goes on vacation

I've been waiting to get  hold of this photo for a while.
Miss Coco asked for a sock monkey for Xmas, she decided on a blue one and we had to sneakily get it into a bag whilst her mum kept her busy over the other end of the studio.
So off they went for their summer holidays.
I love the way Coco is holding on to the end of Sockie's tail. There is something heart melting about the way kids cling to something quite unconciously- I know someone who loved to hold their dad's velvety earlobe while being cuddled.


  1. Too sweet, ahh the innocence of youth.
    Thanks for the op shop info, it's on my list for tomorrow- hopefully the sewing machine is still there :) Not that I really need it either...


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