Tuesday, 13 May 2008

more splurging

I decided to go run a whole pile of errands today. I may as well have stayed in bed. Every thing I went to get fell through. 

Shop closed. 'We don't stock that anymore'. Out of stock. 

I had money and I wanted to spend.

So I went and picked up a set of chairs I've been paying off ........and also came away with a trestle table, linen fabric, barkcloth fabric, wooden cotton reels........ ooooops........
Did pay some debts off too. 
Should feel good but I get that money freak-out. I like to spend but I often feel quite ill afterwards. I need to pay bills and am sometimes bad at budgeting........ new leaf? Really sometimes it would be sensible -and cheaper -to stay in bed.
When I did get to the studio I worked on finishing some more berets and getting the first sample scarf off the knitting machine. And I used the linen I found today to make covers for the Ikea rocking chair (see below- now with teal blue background and gorgeous floral swags, try and photograph the fabric soon) I bought 3 months ago. The cushions have been sitting in the studio, I hate doing upholstery type stuff, it always does my head. Strange. Its just big square box covers. I think it goes back to an upholstery mix-up many years ago........ There is extra fabric left so expect some bags or cushions for the shop, probably for Spring.
The bark cloth fabric is a stunner, I'm giving it a soak at the moment so expect that too at some stage.

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