Monday, 19 May 2008

rainy roadtripping

Rainy Monday on the road again. Shot up to Bendigo to pick up a pile of yarn for scarves, crocheted and knitted, and for the stripy cushion covers (everyone wants them again of course now winter's lurking). I spent way too much money and had one of my money-sick-head-spins when the bill got totted up. Blew the budget but I knew I was going to have to to get what I needed. (I suppose if you know you are going to spend more than you want to, then you aren't really blowing the budget......) 

It was lovely and grey and misty and would have been perfect for woodfires and cups of tea, but no time to stop. I headed back through Castlemaine and on to Daylesford. I needed to go to Newlyn and Creswick but there was no time, so that is going to have to wait for another day.

Lots of knitting and crochet to get done now. We sold out of crochet scarves last Saturday and the Saturday before so I better get hooking. 


  1. Do tell me next time you plan to do something like that.

    I've always wanted to go.

    And have a six stack CD player in my (extremely comfortable) car.

    We can feel sick later together. I am so very dangerous when there's supplies to be had.

  2. their alpaca 8ply is really soft
    there was 3ply alpaca (only in lilac-y shades) in the specials room, thought about it but decided i had got TOO much already
    this is when I know its an addiction
    'oh that's a lovely colour......i'll just get as much as I can carry......'

  3. hey there, heidi's mum again... just HAD to mention that we did a little road trip out bendigo way yesterday.(think thermos + loads of biscuity snacks and kids in rubber boots). an ABSOLUTE must do on the calder is to stop at harcourt roadside stalls for apples. can't begin to tell you how good they are - crisp as and sugary sweet. etc etc. try them if you haven't already. makes up for all the biscuit eating...

  4. Is it just me who finds their colours a bit uninspiring? As lovely as they are to the touch I rarely come across a colour I want to wear. Maybe I need to get dyeing.

  5. like all wool suppliers!
    they always get rid of the really good colours and replace them with colours that 'taste' funny
    I think they were very annoyed with me today as i had wool cones/balls all over the floor! mwhwhahhhahaaa!
    pity that Harcourt is going to be basically by-passed when the new highway is completed, even since last time I went up there, there is new road sections open and you kind of have to loop back and forwards to get on to the right road
    the harcourt apples were looking lovely on the bare trees in the mist

  6. did someone say apples in the mist
    god I need to get out more and get me some countrified air, and apples.


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