Saturday, 31 May 2008

swiss army makes great pouffes

Friday in the studio was much less stressful than the Monday/Tuesday in the studio combo, where I feel like time is running out. This is good- so much to do and another day to do it.
Today we have the Swiss Army blanket pouffes and cushions in. Love these, they are kinda industrial, kinda snuggly, kinda earthy and very felty. The cushions even have the Swiss Army metal seals with individual code numbers on them still, and the pouffes have there codes felted into them. Too cool.


  1. Miss Pen, they are bloody marvellous.

    One of the issues I have with visiting your shop is that of Liquid Cash.

    I must have one of these.

  2. must be the onset of winter- everyone wanted one today!

  3. they are lovely those swiss pouffes...

  4. Thank you for your tips on cupcake liners and brown gingham!

    Your Swiss Army blanket pouffes are fantastic!!


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