Sunday, 11 May 2008

no scurvy 'round here me hearties!

Scored a whole heap of limes last Friday and decided Lime Marmalade was the way to go. It's the only marmalade I like and I have been prone to even scoffing a jar of the Rose's variety when pushed. 
It's been a busy weekend and I seem to have found an extra reserve of energy (maybe this means the tanks are slowly refilling) to do things like slice three kilos plus of limes, go for a walk to get papers, milk, etc, put up the knife-holder in the kitchen, screw castors onto the bottom of a storage box, attempt to put up the mirrored cabinet in the hallway (third attempt still unsuccessful...... ), plug the holes in the outside of the bathroom wall that I think the laneway mice have been using as an entrance, dye more gloves, do the washing (accidentally washing my newish jeans in a hot wash, fingers crossed they haven't shrunk again), hung glass balls in the stairwell (this involved string and bulldog clips as usual), unloaded more stuff from the mobile storage unit (the car), had a visit from Shannon , who's off to the Big Apple, and let window-shopper have a look in the Cottage. OK I think writing all that just exhausted me.
Of course everything is even more of a mess around here because of all that. 
Will these boxes never be unpacked?
I really need to make up a little studio section in the Big Room- I can feel an Ikea trip coming on........


  1. hi there
    just a quickie to say thanks for my mother's day present. i gave my little clan a (short) list of approved places to purchase mother's day gifts from and yours won. love the bangle and the newspaper bag it came in. nice. can't wait to come in and poke around for myself!

  2. mmm... my favourite marmelade...

  3. I'll cellar a jar or two for you as a homecoming present darling Dell.
    Paula, would you be the mum of Heidi and Charlie?
    Much discussion of present choice from the young shoppers and Charlie tried wearing as many bracelets as possible!
    Glad the present was acceptable!

  4. that's me. man, that's quite a gift you have for remembering kid names... charlie and i have agreed to share the bangle!


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