Thursday, 29 May 2008

friday is now studio day

I have a new little helper in the shop. She starts tomorrow (so please be gentle with her) which means I get to run errands and make a start on all the work that needs to be done at the studio. Retail is a strange beast, fickle and unpredictable, and I try not to get stressed about it all. Everyone says how lovely the shop is but it is so hard to view it all objectively, all that guff about being too close, blah, blah..... (and I get a bit embarrassed by compliments).
We finished at RMIT today with classes and just have assessment to do, which means no income for the next month + but more time to make stock, life is never exactly balanced.
I'm still in the shop on Saturdays so if you are in the 'hood drop in. I'm usually the one reading the newspaper (bad shopgirl behaviour!). 
So which project will I work on tomorrow? Scarves, wool pants (picking up fabric on the morning and new sampling for summer), cushions, swiss army pouffes, new leather bags........


  1. swiss army pouffes! swiss army pouffes.

    You know, I WILL drop in, sooner or later.

    I actually ventured out of the house, today. So radical.

  2. swiss army blankets- magically just like the knives- they turn into cushions and pouffes....crazy!


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