Sunday, 18 May 2008


Everyone has been asking me if I'm happy in my new home. I keep having to pause to think before I answer. It takes me a moment. I think I am. But I have had so little time for reflection and like any new relationship it has its ups and downs. (Like the storage problems that are still not sorted - or my mouse housemate......) But then sometimes as I walk through my home I see a still-life in the corner or the way the light falls and I think how lucky I am. Of course the next thought is how many boxes I still have to unpack and how much work I still have to do. 

So you might have guessed after reading this blog that I'm a bit of a pessimist. The upside of being a downer is how often you can be pleasantly surprised when things go right, turn out better than expected, are easier than you thought they'd be! Optimists are just kidding  themselves! The sun always looks so much more beautiful after grey clouds and  sad songs make little joys profound.


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