Tuesday, 20 May 2008

a strangle of scarves

Tuesday's other project was a 'strangle of scarves', you know how I love collective nouns, or if you think that too macabre how about an 'Isadora of scarves' (if you don't get this look here!)?
Lots of colours in the 'Plain and Simple' scarf, currently 14,  and another style hopefully finished soon.
The 'Plain and Simple' is nice and long and in 2:1 rib. The colours are really great and of course there is a lovely black-black, there will be a magnolia cream next week. (Sadly the photo doesn't do justice to the colours.)
Also the crochet scarves have been walking out the door so they will be back in stock too.
So much to do.
I only seem to get one project sorted each week. I'm looking forward to the semester break to get a few extra days in the studio. All that winter clothing is just screaming to be worked on. Raincoats in japara, wool pants, pleated skirts, shirts, tops, denim coats and jackets............ so much to do.
And cushions and quilts, wheat bags, new leather bags, purses.................
(Scarves will be in the shop Wednesday morning.)

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