Sunday, 4 May 2008

chrysanthemums, chocolates, perfume.............

Mother's Day isn't a big thing in my family, probably because mum's birthday is just few days before. Also my family has always been a bit sceptical of any commercial gift giving 'holidays. (Except for Xmas- which was an excuse for getting together and being grumpy. Now with the grandkids things have changed a bit- now getting together and screaming at 5 boys to behave.)
Dad has always presented Mum with flowers- I like that, it's his fault she had all 5 of us!
I think living on Brunswick Street for 16 years also took the gloss off the day. On Mothering Sunday it is great fun to watch all the Grans being decanted from cars, wheeled/shuffled into caf├ęs and then an hour later, everyone, jaws taut and whole body radiating 'annoyed', stuffing Gran back in the car and rushing her back to the high security Aged P home. The cute bit of the day was always seeing single young men taking there elegant mums out for brunch and a shop.
(Please note this is meant all very tongue in cheek.)
I remember when I was in maybe prep or grade 1 the excitement of mum giving me, maybe, 20cents to spend on a present at the Mother's Club's Mother's Day sale in the multi-purpose room. Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of mums making their own presents and selling them to their children so they can give them back to them on Mother's Day?! I remember Mum was working on the 20 cent stall had to leave the room whilst I chose a wooden spoon with chocolates in the bowl wrapped in cellophane. ( Why this present? Wooden spoons are handy, chocolates are yummy and cellophane is pretty- hey, I was/am quite analytical about presents.)

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  1. this photo is wonderful, I better call my mum, you just reminded me...


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