Thursday, 8 May 2008

hello, my name's pen and i'm addicted to 'top gear'

I got a bit bored with posting Mother's Day presents and decided it was time to admit that I am a total 'Top Gear' fan-girl. 
Being brought up around a car-loving dad (sitting in the freezing cold and dark, in the front seat of the car, pumping the brake pedal to get bubbles out of the fluid in the brake-line was a highlight of my childhood) it was inevitable that what's bred in the bone will, no matter how much you fight it, be a part of you. If the car goes- I'm happy. Cleaning it- can't be bothered. Watching 3 guys giggling as they turn cars into boats, play car football, race across America's southern states and even (as politically incorrect as it was, it had me squirming in my seat) race in 4 wheel drives and sled to the North Pole, I'm as happy as can be. Never has car photography been so beautiful (at this point I have to admit I was 'romantically' entangled with a  photographer, who took picture of cars, for some years..... bad photos at the Summer Nats..... but that has absolutely no bearing on this confession......), never has celebrity bad driving been so entertaining, never has the arbitrary rating of cars as 'cool' or 'uncool' been so very, very silly.
If I'm tired and worn out from an overfilled week Captain Slow, Clarkson and the Hamster (aren't the pictures below just hilarious?!) fill my Saturday evening with their infectious joy. You'd never think there could be so much poetry and joy in the language used to describe automobiles. (Of course we mustn't forget The Stig- but then as he never actually speaks, his is poetry in motion.)
p.s. I've even been known to read Jeremy Clarkson's articles in The Australian, not actually to read about cars, just to revel in his prose.


  1. Loved your post Pen!! My 16 year old daughter and myself (46) absolutely love TopGear. We get it on BBC America and can't wait for it to be on. Have a few episodes stored on the DVR in case we need a fix. Just loved the Africa special. We have watched it so many times we know the dialog by heart. She is in love with Hamster and I adore Jeremy. I have read Jeremy's writings in the London Times online and get e-mail alerts about anything TopGear related. We are traveling to London next month on a girl scout sponsered trip and hope to get a glimpse of the boys. Our husband/daddy passed away about 8 months ago and I thought we'd never laugh again but once we saw TopGear the laughter finally came back into our lives and we are greatful for that!! Just wish I could tell TopGear how much they have meant to us in the healing process of getting over a loved one's death.

    Vi and Jess

    P.S. YouTube is a great place to catch videos too!

  2. Yes, we all agree here, but where has James gone? Who is the impostor on in his place? It's just not right.
    Loved the amphibious vehicles segment!

  3. other way around Miss Em!
    the fat second hand car dealer was the original 3rd wheel in the first series, than he got bumped for James (yeah!)
    (go to check the wikipedia entry for Mr May- the story about how he got sacked from a car mag is a hoot)

  4. Phew, I can see why they replaced aforementioned fat second-hand dealer for the understated and most charming Mr May, thanks for clearing that up, you are obviously the authority on Top Gear!

  5. don't get Beck from HML started on Oz and James' Big Wine Adventures..........then you'll find real 'authority'!
    'fat 2nd hand car dealer' was a bit harsh but i think i was just feeling the absence of capt slow...... i feel bad..... he just wasn't a good fit.......

  6. here here, i'm addicted too.


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