Monday, 28 April 2008

wintery wanderings

Went off in the car today to run errands and organise some alpaca fingerless gloves.
It felt strange being on the road, not tied to the shop, schoolroom or studio.
I did get to visit one of my favourite op shops, which is something I haven't done in ages, and scored a pile of Johnson plates and a surfeit of enamelware- and a duffel coat for young Lil.
And a sewing machine. 
Like I don't have 9 of the damn things already.
This one is a full metal jacket of a domestic machine for home, old and good.I really don't like modern machines, although I do have dreams of having a brand spanking new plain stitch machine with auto cutter etc and a brand new overlocker and a brand new coverstitch machine and a brand new walking foot machine..............
I got back mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the day dyeing more gloves. Not the best of afternoons though, strange things going on and a bottle of dye exploding all over the kitchen was not fun. Am feeling very flat at the moment. I feel a little overwhelmed by everything I need to do. Or maybe its the mess that is my home that is getting me down! I need a cleaning lady!


  1. Ohh praytell where one might pick up a sewing machine from an oppie..
    This grey weather whilst great for the water stores is not great for the soul eh?

  2. Today had me feeling a bit blah and cranky too for no good reason. Changing weather perhaps? I dunno... Yes do tell where one finds a sewing machine at an oppie.

  3. I actually love wintry weather, the clouds were amazing, the autumn leaves superb (I'm glad I went just for that as I think I may have ended up missing autumn altogether otherwise).
    I think I am just overwhelmed by the hours in the day and the number of things to do- they aren't balancing at the moment.
    Should I tell you the location of the OP SHOP....?!
    I have a fav in each direction (N, E, S, W) in Melbourne and I have a mental map of oppies in every suburb and their quality.
    OK- don't tell anyone........ this op was fantastic many years ago for the quality of its coloured glass vases, ashtrays and bowls, sadly no more but it can still be good. There is another full metal machine out there as of yesterday, a Myers house brand, its been checked over and is in working order. This op shop is in 2 shop fronts and the machine is in the homewares section.
    (shhhhhhhh.........Lilydale Anglicare)


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