Sunday, 6 April 2008

things you find

I found this op-shop find in amongst my piles and piles of magazines.
I love the worried expression on the above chap's face. I think he is worrying that maybe he shouldn't have volunteered for that trip to the South Pole. (You can see a Monty Python skit starting with the balaclava photo down the bottom.)
This pattern book has some great men's wear and especially fantastic hospital stockings and sleeves. Having spent a long spell in hospital convalescing from an accident a few years ago, I think a handknit or two would have made my bones knit faster.

The large tube at bottom left is a' body belt'- not a bad idea- keep those kidneys warm in winter!


  1. Excellent pattern! Makes me think of this one on the V&A website.

  2. love the v&a photos- he looks so much happier than my chap!
    maybe because he's ears are hanging out and he can hear if anyone is making fun of him!


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