Saturday, 12 April 2008

two extraordinary things before breakfast part 1

(Well actually while I'm eating breakfast- leaving sticky Babka Danish fingerprints on the keyboard.)

The lovely Leah and Janette of Milly Sleeping are having an archive sale. Leah calls their stock room 'The Library' and due to a lack of space they are going to move it all from their pretty little shop on Elgin St Carlton to my 'hood, Fitzroy, for a big clearance sale. (I hope the possums in the Carlton Gardens don't attack them as they wheel the racks along the paths- well dressed possums might be a great tourist feature for Melbourne but I think they would fight tooth and nail over a bargain.)

*I can tell you it will be a great chance to pick up some garments from the debut range of a certain label that is getting a lot of press lately.*

OPEN-SEASON Milly Sleeping Stock-room sale
Wednesday April 16 to Thursday April 24
89 George St, Fitzroy
Open 11am-6pm daily
You can give Leah a ring at Milly Sleeping on 9347 1333 or check the website at

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