Monday, 29 November 2010

for the christmas

Some days things just don't happen the way you hoped. Like the electricity in the studio flickering on and off all day and then finally dying. Of course the first thought was 'have I paid the bill?', then I went out  into the hallway and Michael stuck his head around the corner from his studio looking a bit worried and then mighty relieved when I asked 'no electricity?'. I gave up then, turned everything off and went to Officeworks to do some photocopying.
I spied this sign on the way out to get lunch. To start with I thought that 'fruit mint' must be some sort of new flavour and yuck sprang to mind. I'm definitely a bit slow at the moment.


  1. I think I'd prefer a fruit mint tart to the other type!

  2. Mmmmmmminty fresh ha ha ha!

  3. Firstly Mince Tart is just wrong on so many levels!

    Secondly thankls to some Heath Robinson lashing of wires we have temporary heating and hot water!!!!! Awaiting part from Gloucester please let it hold out as we are covered in a blanket of snow...and that's just the bed covers!!!!

    Sarah x


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