Friday, 26 November 2010

better late

Today's plan for being a good little studio worker bee didn't come to fruition today. I got there, I had a plan, plan went splat, I went home.  This bug is being really inconvenient- and it seems to have hitched a ride with Dell. I don't think the two of us could have worked our way out of a paperbag today!
I did get a few home jobs sorted, we got to put out new cream Frida dresses, for grown ups and for little ones (we have them in girls sizes 2-12, perfect for Xmas dresses) and I've finally finished making up a new batch of the Vintage Haberdashery boxes.....

.... and look they are in today's issue of The Age (melbourne) mag's spread of 100 presents under $100....

.... along with Nikki's Construction Pattern and ebony needles. 

Now I just need to get the Xmas decoration up and our Xmas stock out. How did I go from everything on track to I'm running late, late, late? 

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  1. We have a major case of the stubborn lurgy over here, so debilitating, BOO TO THE LURGY!


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