Monday, 22 November 2010

party time

I have to admit I am a bit blown away by the reception of the 'gingerbread' hearts! We only have eight left on the wall (and that is even after I restocked the wall repeatedly on Saturday)! I'll be making more and you never know what I might find in the studio to make them out of. Sadly I think that is it for the black ones, there are five left, but I have managed to find a piece of heavy embroidered green linen in a washing basket in the bedroom. Doilies appear in the most unlikely places around here.

I also scored 32 kilos of tea-towels and fabric on Friday and there are some great finds in this batch. I always feel a sense of relief when I get a fresh stash in, I may have thousands of the damn things but the fact that we get so few repeat designs means it's always exciting when I unpack and shake them all out. I have two of these 'party time' tea-towels, un-hemmed as they used to come so you could finish them as you liked. It amazes me that these have been sitting in someone's linen closet for so and they are in perfect condition. I love that the little black kitten gets to join in the party too with a bowl of milk, although with Mother wearing those heels and carrying trays around I suggest kitty keeps a safe distance.

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