Thursday, 25 November 2010

alas crewel world!

The heart wall is full again. I've been waiting all week for the herbs and spices to arrive and finally this afternoon I got stuffing! There is one lone black heart left- 4D or #19 if you prefer. In this batch are some beautiful crewel worked hearts (that is wool embroidery for the uninitiated, see #10 and 11) and some very lovely cross stitch ones (#1, 3, 15 and 18), even a few gold embroidered ones for a glitzy Xmas (#14).
We've also got a new batch of vintage lamp bases in, all rewired and ready to go, and Zara has sent down a new batch of the lovely short sleeved Sophie blouses in white.
I'm still feeling crappy (damn this lurgy)  but I'm heading to the studio tomorrow to get some things happening- not sure what yet but I'm sure I can find a project or five to get stuck into. I could always just spend the day cleaning and sorting, although I was saving that as a January treat.... sadly Xmas is barely a month away now......
Which brings us to the shop opening hours for this joyous festive season. We will be opening on Mondays as of next week, so that's the next four Mondays 11am until 6pm. We'll have some Sundays coming up too but not for a couple of weeks- I need a little bit of peace and quiet!

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