Monday, 22 November 2010

time to decorate

After being stuck in the stinking non-aircon car, getting home to the fan was rather nice. I've spent the afternoon drinking far too many bottles of mango lassi (I love going to the Indian shops in Dandenong!) and making Xmas decorations. I'm about halfway there. Let's just say this years theme is.... calendar tea-towels! I know! Such a surprise! Ha ha.
I quite like it.
Very primary school. I used to love that time of year when the teachers had finally given up and the kinder squares and pots of Clag came out- time to make paper chains! There really is something about the lo-fi Xmas decoration, I'm a sucker for a bit of OTT tinsel but I sometimes think in bright Australian sunlight it could blind you at twenty paces.
I stopped in at the Xmas decoration shop on Johnston Street on the way back and had to laugh. They have Xmas trees with a description tag reading  'Brown Needle Pine Trees'. Let's just say they look exactly like all those pine trees that sprout up in inner city back laneways just after New Year! For $500 you can purchase a 'dead' Xmas tree! Whose bright idea was that?! Made me chuckle.

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  1. Kids and I have a running joke about schools - in November I ask "are you making the paper chains yet???"
    The first primary school they went too I reckon they started the day after Cup day....


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