Thursday, 25 November 2010


A nasty little hot weather bug has taken up residency in my gut. Yesterday was reduced to sleeping during the day under the whirring of the fan. It's a funny one (details of which I will not go into here I promise!).
I'm off to do a few things this morning but I've decided that if I'm still NQR by midday I can come home again. Mind you there are a thousand things I can do at home, some of them maybe even sitting in bed. Times like this I wish I had the TV in the bedroom like at the old place!


  1. Not you too! Joe and I both struck down with an achey sweaty fever flu and doing nothing but cartoons, chocolate and the odd xmas card today. Get well soon Miss P.
    xx Char.

  2. My widescreen TV is why I have my bed in the lounge. Totally saves on having to go to bed at night, and because there is nothing in the world more luxurious than watching telly in bed.

    You alright, baby? Need anything? Eggs? Cake?

    I got into college next year...

  3. Hope you're feeling better dear Pen.
    Will be in on Sat with bag of beans.


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