Saturday, 20 November 2010

king of hearts

This week has been all about hearts.

Not just the 'gingerbread' hearts but more importantly the beating heart of a dear friend of mine.

I got the phone call early one morning to say this friend had had a heart attack and had just come through triple bypass surgery. It shook me to say the least. This was the crazy friend who would sneak into my hospital room late in the evening to talk to me quietly in the dark, who even ten years later calls me to check how I'm coping with the chronic pain left over from the accident and who, two days after I came out of intensive care, sent me a huge bunch of funeral lilies. A man who is naughty in so many way but who has the most generous and passionate heart of anyone I know.

Ich liebe dich.


  1. Sending healing thoughts to your friend.
    Feeling for you Pen, take care xx

  2. I hope your friend is on the mend very soon.

  3. I do hope you're not talking about GB...

  4. sending wish's to your best friend.

  5. Hey Pen - sending love and light to you and your mischievious man, hope he's back on his feet soon.


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