Saturday, 27 November 2010

the score so far

The score currently stands The Lurgy 4- Miss Pen Pen 0.
My energy levels are rock bottom and I swear my brain is a shriveled prune. Don't tell me to drink more fluids or take gastrolyte (both of which I am doing) as I may a. burst out crying or b. tell you to bugger off in a snarling tone of voice.
I've been to the paint shop to get supplies for a new project this morning only to get the wrong colour, goes to show that a good cup of tea should be ingested before selecting paint, so will have to go back down before I open the shop.
Sorry for being grumpy this morning but I am blaming it half on The L and half on the humidity. I've decided that I should hibernate in a dark cool cave throughout the warmer months- it would be more pleasant for all if I did!
I've eaten an apricot danish from Fatto (first non-toast food since Wednesday) and am working my way to the bottom of my tea 'bucket' and am feeling a little more whole and a little calmer. I awoke this morning panicking about not having Xmas in the shop finally organised, this time of the year is just so overwhelming on both sides of the counter.
Better get moving, vacuuming to do, paint to buy, shop to open.


  1. Go Penelope! You can do it! Hope you wake up tomorrow feeling heaps better and all smiley!

  2. just popped over......yep yep OK i'LL BUGGER OFF THEN as instructed!!! tee hee,

    Feel better Pen x

    ps keep taking the......... I hear ya, I'm gone.

  3. ps Mr. Lane feels the same, but his ailment is cricket induced.


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