Saturday, 2 November 2013

shocking generosity

What would you do if you were presented with a box containing this?
I am tempted to take the day off, grab a rug and a fork and go sit with this box full of goodness under a tree and eat myself stupid. Strawberry Roulade Shock is what I am in after the fabulous Nat of Beatrix handed these beauties over to me this morning and I am just so amazed at this gift (a late birthday present).
Alas alack I won't be doing that as it is Shopgirl Saturday and I must be ready for any customers that might venture out on this 'long weekend' (ridiculous how it has become a long weekend because of a 3 minute horse race on Tuesday afternoon).
I managed to accidentally unplug the modem last night whilst trying to plug in the new printer and have just spent the last 3/4 hour on the phone whilst it was being reset. We have internet again and the connection to the outside world is restored. For a moment there I thought there might be no Saturday Morning Post, I better type faster though if I want to get this out there and the shop chores done for the day.
I did manage to get a batch of round bottom granny purses finished yesterday and we now have them in two sizes, the original 20cm framed clutch and the new 15cm frame purse. All made with our lovely vintage linen scraps. I need to spend the next few weeks head down getting stock made. It does feel good to get something made and in store, something we had totally run out of.
Working in the shop this week I discovered where I had managed to stash a box of green enamel tea pots so we have some of these back in stock and we are still waiting on the new shipment to arrive later in the month. I am very good at stashing stuff, you should have seen how much came out of me old studios each time I moved, a TARDIS moment indeed. So this week, new birds, rediscovered tea pots, a few new welsh blanket cushions and granny purses. That's all.
Drop by, we are open until 5 today.... and it's a glorious day for a promenade and a shop.
That's the great thing about 'strip shops', you can take the air and browse, so much better than a shopping mall.

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