Saturday, 9 November 2013


It's been one of those weeks, the type that you wish you could cancel and re-boot. One of those weeks that wear you down and leave you so flat you might be mistaken for a pancake. Eight days straight with splitting headaches probably makes it a bit hard to see the world clearly too. If you were to say it was all down to Mercury being retrograde I might even believe you this time, that's how wearisome it has been.
Anyway, I am trying to pick myself up, shake myself off, buck myself up and generally do a lot of wishing for fair weather (really mixing up my metaphors here I think but you get the drift). We've not long until the Big Design Market, Xmas and all that end of year stuff (hence why I shitting myself) so I have to come up with a plan of action. I may actually have pinned a huge sheet of paper on the studio wall with a list of things I need to work on and you know things must be at crisis point as I loath lists.
Even though I was battling with a runny nose and sneezing last night (those headaches might actually be a virus) I managed to do a quick shop change about, the window is kind of same-same but with another wax print chemise and a new rug (it's huge, it's beautiful) and I've changed the cushion colours a bit. Until I can dye some more velvet and make some indigo 'gingerbread' hearts for us (this week's batch went off to the TDF Open House) I've used the heart wall to display these fabulous soap holders. They look like squiggly wiggly drawings of what a soap holder should look like! Over on IG we've been discussing what else you could use them for, lollies, toys, air plants..... We've got a limited number so you better get in quick on these! And if you are desperate for an indigo heart I have a couple stashed away, just ask.
I'm doing the pre-Xmas juggle of waiting for the Xmas spending to start so that I can pay for the Xmas stock we ordered in February, it is an unbelievably stressful time for us little retailers. I've been going to write about this promotion but every time I start typing something about it I feel a little weird and delete it. Let's just say there is credit up for grabs for customers and small shops can also win some money, we take this card and don't mind if you use it. Nuff said. Although I do have to say that the graphics for it look a lot like our lovely Gertrude Street!
Oh lordy! Look at the time! Better dash!
I'm in the shop, come visit!

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