Friday, 15 November 2013

what a right shit of a week

Morning all.
What a week this has been, not a fun week at all.
I've ended up with broken bones in my right hand (including a break that was discovered in the CT scan that was missed in the trip to Launceston Hospital back in September) and now have a plaster splint from my palm up almost up to my elbow. Yep, really did a good job this time.
And at the absolute worst time of the year.
And on top of a seriously ill father in hospital.
And being financial stressed.
And exhausted.... the reason I probably haven't bounced well over the last 3 months and have had pinched nerves, bruised coccyx and developed the habit of falling onto all fours on the hard ground.
I'm 'treading water' until I see the specialist on Monday and hopefully will be fitted with a less bulky splint. Apparently the old break makes things a bit more complex. *sigh*
We've got the Big Design Market coming up and I am flummoxed by the logistics of the whole thing at this point in time.

But even while all this has been going on there has still been deliveries happening and lovely things arriving. Look at that unused (!) vintage enamel! Fabulous! And the 'daisy' lids for the mason jars, perfect for sprinkling or drinking! And I am just about to go pick up our glass Xmas decorations. I think it might be time for the Cottage to go a bit Xmas-y, we've had people coming in asking so I think it might be time. It also might actually make me feel a bit better to get the shop tizzed up a bit. Working out where the hell we are going to put things might take my mind off my crippled wing.
Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds deeply shitty.
    Hoping it all gets a bit better soon.

  2. You poor thing. When my kid broke his arm I was impressed by how he just got on with life, after that first dull week when he realised he couldn't swim or play or nothing. But then I realised, a broken limb for a kid is nowhere near as catastrophic because we look after kids. Whereas you're probably having to do EVERYTHING the hard way. Which sucks. Hope the Christmas tizzing brightens you up.


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