Saturday, 23 November 2013

a good year for stone fruit

A slightly crazed morning with a mad dash to Coburg for the farmers market to pick up some of Dr Marty's marvellous crumpets, a big bag of amazing tree ripened organic apricots (hopefully to make jam but I'm not sure how I will go with a knife to chop them up...) and some Myrtleford Butter Co butter. I think the Tasmanian raw honey will only just make it through the weekend with those crumpets in the house. My kitchen sink looks like a floral still life with flowers in various stages of decay and bunches of beetroot lolling about.
I managed to survive this week, splint and all, and am happy that I actually knocked a few things off the to-do list. The felt oven mitts are ready to go out and will be available at Craft and through the  ASRC catalogue soon. I also managed to get some vintage blanket pot holders, mohair hotwater bottle covers  and a couple of African wax print chemise dresses done. There is still so much more to do and I know I am about to lose time in the next week with appointments at the hospital and deliveries and pick ups...
OK, lost time for a while there looking at photos on instagram but now I am back. I must race off and get the shop ready to open. I hope Jethro doesn't decide he has an overwhelming need to be a brat five minutes to 11am as I am not as quick as usual at the moment. We have lots of lovely new stock in, there is more things coming this week (more on that later) and if Fastway Couriers hadn't decided to send a parcel meant for Melbourne to Brisbane we would have even more beautiful things in..... ha.
I'm dithering now. Come and visit. I'm shopgirl, please excuse my slightly dodgy wrapping and receipt writing.

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