Saturday, 16 November 2013

oh! look! shiny!

Morning all.
How glad I am going to be once this week is over. I have the specialist on Monday seeing to my hand and am looking forward to losing the thumping huge splint and being fitted with something smaller and more manageable. I ended up back in Emergency last night to have the bloody plaster and bandage contraption re-fitted and got all 'woe is me', then thought how lucky we are to have free public healthcare or that my home hasn't been wrecked by a typhoon and realised I was being so 'first world' and was appalled by my inner moaning. I am also looking forward to feeling a little less overwhelmed by everything, it's been a right shit of a year so far but I am luckier than so many people in this fucked up world.

So getting back to be all 'first world' I went and picked up our Xmas decorations and they are so pretty. Old fashioned indent style glass baubles, pretty little birds, funny how sparkly things can sooth a battered soul. The bauble sets are the best vintage style glass ones we have ever come across and are pretty accurate, if you remember my real vintage ones we used to sell you will k now what I mean. We've got some individual ones but also sets on twelve and even some tree toppers. I'm all for liberating them from the tree and hanging them on a wall. even on a pegboard if you have one, you could even washi tape them to a window (or wall), string them across a mantlepiece, hang them from a light. 
My favourite piece is the tinsel garland, made from twisted wire and silver bullion tinsel leaves, it reminds me of the Kinari Bazar in Old Dehli where everyone goes to by wedding finery. This is tinsel in the real sense, made from fine cut metal foil, it shimmers and trembles and this won't be put away once Xmas is over.

I better get a move on. I've got piles of boxes everywhere that need to find a home before I open the shop and I am hoping Jethro doesn't act like a brat this week like he did last Saturday.

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  1. Oh rubbish...pardon the pun. Hope the pain isn't too bad? On another note, how happy am I to discover another "real tinsel" afficionado! I wish I could click my heels and whisk us off to the Kinari goes...
    note to Jethro...STOP IT NOW!


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