Monday, 11 November 2013

mini thunder

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks.
I'm getting slowly/quickly more fearful of the work I need to do.
At least this part is done and dusted and delivered! If you look very closely you might spy some Cottage product on the roof of that Mini. If you join in the fun of 'spot the Mini' you can win stuff... reminds me of the 3XY Thunder days!
I'm off today to pick up another shipment of Mason jars and I'm waiting on boxes of Xmas stock to arrive. I'm also waiting for the bank account to lose it's anaemic tinge so that I can get the ball rolling on other projects. Ball rolling/juggling/kicking, I keep trying to tell myself it is always like this at this time of the year, that the switch will flip over and things will start moving again. But what if they don't? Yes I am a pessimist but it means I am never disappointed with the outcome (pleasantly surprised or told you so, it's a win/win situation).
Jethro and I did sleep in a tad this morning. I had strange dreams about op shops in obscure one way streets and shops in basements that you had to enter via ladders. Trying to place orders for things and phone lines dropping out. Having to tramp through office buildings and over bridges to get from A to B. Don't quite know how to 'read' these 'night travels'. Well actually I do.... but let's not going into it too deeply!
OK. I'm off. Vacuuming and box stashing to do.
And I'll be in the shop tomorrow if you are in the 'hood and looking for me.

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