Friday, 29 November 2013

rainbow delivery

Just a quicky this morning!
The FedEx man delivered our first Cambridge Satchel order in ages (don't ask...) and we have new colours and the return of some old favourites. A spectrum of leathery goodness! Some of the colours/sizes are very limited so be speedy if you are after a particular one. Funnily enough the new shipment of birds matches the satchels!

We also scored some very cute Mexican bottle brush Xmas trees from our friend Zara, these are delightfully wonky with their little rough wooden bases and are for hanging although you can stand them up too. There are only a few available of these and they go really well with the little deer and reindeers. 
I'm off to the studio in a couple of minutes to attempt to get work done. I am still panicking about Big Design Market as I still have the pennants to make and the artwork isn't quite done yet, so therefore the screens haven't been made and the printing isn't done..... funnily enough this is exactly where we were at last May when we released the first batch! We will get there.
And I found out on Wednesday that I have to have surgery to my hand... but I am just ignoring that at the moment.

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