Thursday, 21 November 2013

house, market, splint, panic

It's been a busy week.
I got my splint changed and now have a lighter one made from plastimake and I am back in the studio. I can't say it is easy or painless working with it on but I am trying to get at least one project ticked off each day. I feel like I am working incredibly slowly but I think it is just that I am aware of every movement. I see the surgeon on Wednesday afternoon to find out whether I will have to have surgery to have a pin fitted. Wonder what they will say if I tell them that I can't do it until after the Big Design Market has been put to bed.
Last night was the opening of the TDF Open House. It was a lovely evening, relaxed and chatty, and the house is amazing. Three more days to go and I have heard rumours about some stock selling out in an hour or two. The Dulux dog is making an appearance every day too!
I am still in a total clamped down panic over all the things I need to organise before we do the dump in at the Exhibition Building. It's freaking me out. I've also had stock go missing with it ending up in Brisbane.... very annoying. We are slowly unpacking more and more Xmas decorations and I am trying to find a moment to photograph them and get them into the online shop. Never ending.
My hand is making me very tired, I'm incredibly weary, it's time for bed.

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