Wednesday, 6 November 2013

heart of blue

It seems like half the people I know spent Cup Day getting their products ready for delivery to The Design Files Open House. I juggled heart stitching in between a splitting headache (still) and moaning about my public holiday peace being shattered by a bobcat revving out in the back lane all day. Not such a restful day off as planned sadly.
Lovely day out, time to come and get your cotton cardis for the warmer weather... although I see it is cooling off again by Friday. I have so much to do this week I am feeling a little scared. I need to move stuff in the studio as I'm helping someone store some equipment and at the moment we won't even be able to get it in the door. So lots of running around, lots of sewing and lots of cleaning.
OK. I better go and get moving.
I also need to make some of these indigo dyed silk velvet and linen hearts for us!
(Not in the shop yet, stay tuned.)

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