Tuesday, 12 November 2013

they shoot horses don't they?

So just to let you know, the shop might be opening a tad late this morning.
I had a bit of a tumble yesterday afternoon taking out the recycling. Ended up on all fours again, much/exactly like the accident at Cradle Mountain in September and have now managed to injure my right hand on the opposite side to that klutziness.  have a bruised radial nerve in my thumb and torn tendons. I'm off this morning for a CAT scan and as I am on shopgirl duty I'm hoping that I will be back in time to open up.
As I was lying there I looked up and discovered I had a flat tyre. In screaming agony I changed the tyre before limping inside (you should see my knees) to sit on the couch with an ice pack. I even went back out to finish my chores before taking myself off to the emergency last night.
Could this be an even worse time to damage my hand- again? I think not.


  1. Omg please look after yourself!
    What a bad run you 're having.
    Would love to come and administer sympathy and chocolate but am in a meeting all afternoon and working tomorrow

  2. Is there any way you can go back to bed and call in a favour from someone to do the shop today? It's going to be cold and lousy, you should be resting in bed xxx


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