Saturday, 30 November 2013

leaking time

Morning all!
Yes, today is the last day of November, this is it folks. For a little independent retailer like me this is when the mix of panic and excitement sets in, t'is officially the start of the big Xmas trading month (well 24 days actually).
We are also only a few days out from the Big Design Market, set up begins on Thursday and then three full days of being carni-folk. Are you coming? Is there anything you would like me to have there? We'll be releasing the new batch of felt pennants at the market, Rebecca has done an amazing job on them! Rebecca is the fabulous artist that I worked on the Stitching Time project with and today is the last day you can go to see this exhibition that Dell and Isobel curated.
I've got so much today before the bump in, organising and making, working out timetables and how we will get things there, maybe even making lists. Everyone tells me I am great at throwing it all together but what if I don't manage that this time?? Argh! I'm sure it will be fine (I keep telling myself...). Generally I am good in a crisis.
So I am shopgirl today if you need me for anything. I have new satchels to flog, some new bright birds, I made some more indigo silk velvet cushions and you better be quick as the Turkish towels are growing legs and walking out the door.
Oh and any suggestions for some really comfortable shoes to wear whilst working up at the Exhibition Building? My feet are killing me already just at the thought of it!
OK, time to get moving. This day is leaking time.

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