Wednesday, 4 December 2013

almost time

So bump in starts at 2pm tomorrow... am I ready for the Big Design Market? 
No fucking way. I think all those years of winging it maybe coming to a resounding splat. Everyone seems to have faith I will pull a silk rabbit out of a sow's hat but I am not so sure, it's the competitive marketeering that has me confused this time. And a stupid run of falling on all fours injuries that has sent my plans into a heap. Oh well, I'll do what I can do.
We have one more box of stock to arrive, which Auspost seems to have lost in its tracking system. Other things have arrived, satchels and the fabulous Paul Cocksedge Studio recycled LP smart phone speakers. Tonight the box packing and sorting will happen but first I need to get the biggest box of pennants sewing. Rebecca's designs are looking absolutely amazing and I really want to get them all done. 
Off to the studio.
Oh, before I forget, a new batch of enamel has arrived, not everything but a we have the little pie dishes back in stock, the tumblers and mugs too (perfect for giving Xmas biscuits in I think) and the new style extra large milkshake cups in enamel have been delivered. These are fabulous and you could use them for cutlery or paintbrushes too. 
OK got to go now. 


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it will all come together, but can't imagine the stress . My blood pressure wo uldn't cope.
    Did I remember to tell you the green and purple aluminium milk shake cups have been used by the kids every single day since I bought them and just live near the sink because in constant use for their endless cold water consumption?

  2. ..... I think they would be a great teen Christmas gift, filled with Quality Street or something. Also Cottage owls and birds are on our tree again this year ! X


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