Thursday, 12 December 2013

overtired toddler

Thursday already.
This week has been firmly on the 'recovery' setting. By Monday I was exhausted and managed to burst into tears at my hand therapy session, I spent most of the day sobbing like an overtired toddler. I have actually managed to do errands and hunter gathering that I seem to have had no time for all year, visiting specialist textile agents and investigating and ordering things that I have either had no time or money to sort out. I needed to get these done now before time/money slipped once again from my grasp, not there is a lot of either but I felt like I needed to get a few things ticked off before the end of the year flips over.
The Cottage will be open everyday from here on up until Xmas Eve but it's probably a good idea to check on Saturday and Sunday trading hours. We will definitely be open this Sunday but only from  11am until 3pm as I have a party to get to and if I don't get there in time I will miss out on Maggie's pavlova..... sorry but I am not missing out again this year!
Jethro isn't too keen on December as his routine gets a bit shaken up, he loses his Sunday shop day and hates missing out on our usual sleep in. He had a great deal of fun helping me refit the couch cover last night. It was almost up there with the sheet change shenanigans.
I am shopgirl tomorrow (Friday) and for the following two days so you know where to find me. I also have a meeting with the real estate agent tomorrow morning so the shop might be shut for 5 or so minutes at some stage.... our building is going up for sale next year it appears.... this frightens me just a tad. I bet she makes a disparaging comment about the piles of stuff everywhere, she did last time and I so wanted to retort with something pithy about how she could slink back to her (quite probably) characterless suburban abode.
I'm longing for that time between Xmas and New Year when I shut the shop and get to sleep, loll about and renovate. The kitchen has to be done. The walls need freshening. Crap needs to sorted.
We are still waiting on stock to arrive so stay tuned over the next few days when I start bombarding you with Xmas present and shop talk!

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