Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Just a quick post before I totally collapse into bed.
Thought you might like to see our new pennant designs.
I think they are rather smashing.
(There is one missing... poor Coburg accidentally got left out.)
I am racing out to Dandenong first thing in the morning, the cushion insert makers stuffed up and made the wrong size so they are remaking and I'm going out to pick them up. Then back to keep packing and organising for the Big Design Market. The shop is full of boxes and is a complete mess and I have a delivery of enamel arriving tomorrow as well. Mayhem.
I am trying to be slower about the set up as we have from 2pm tomorrow afternoon until the doors open at 10am on Friday morning so there is time to tinker. Still not sure how it will come together.....
Time for a quick shower and to collapse into bed.

1 comment:

  1. Gah, they are gorgeous Pen!
    I'll be in before Christmas to buy a welcome and a sleep tight if you have any left x


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