Monday, 30 December 2013

we aren't open

It appears I have had upset a few people yesterday when I posted this on Facebook and Instagram. Apparently I have acted like the worst shopkeeper around by forgetting to change the hours on the sign on our door. I am sure that I posted everywhere that the shop would have its annual break and re-open on the 6th of January.... but perhaps I didn't.
We are closed until the 6th of January.
Of course as always you are welcome to call and leave a message and I will get back to you and we can arrange a time if you would like to visit before the 6th. You may have to put up with the shop in total disarray as this is the time of the year I turn everything upside down and give it a good shake.
The whole house is a mess and I am scared to open the store cupboards in the shop. As always at this time of the year I am in that morass of laziness and indecision about how to actually tackle any of this, perhaps that is why people go away, they just avoid it. I seem to be the type to wallow in it and just feel more and more helpless and hopeless.
I have actually managed to get out of bed today (or rather I haven't returned to bed yet) and did a huge pile of bill paying. The bank account looked heathy for a week there but now looks rather anaemic sadly. No more pavlova and cheezels here, we will be back to vegemite rations soon.
Anyway, enough of my moaning. Thought I would pop in and let you know about the opening hours (we aren't open) and see what you have been up to.
p.s. I thought the note was funny.


  1. even if you had put a revised hours notice wouldn't have changed the fact that the shop was shut when she came...anyone who doesn't call first at this time of year is a silly billy ..enjoy a well earned rest.

  2. Diddums drove a whole twenty minutes and pouts because you weren't open 3 days after Christmas???
    Gosh some people have hard lives, I don't know how they manage to go on......

  3. People are weird. I always assume shops and cafes are closed until the monday after new years, even later for cafes (mine around the corner doesn't open til the 20th!) So I RING first just to check. people are silly.

  4. I think that note is funny too.
    Jeez, a 15 minute drive - anyone would think its writer made the trek from Timbuktoo!


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