Monday, 6 January 2014

and we are open!

... well we will be at 11am...
Jethro is pretty upset about the division between shop and home, although he has spent most of the time since 5pm Xmas Eve asleep on the bed. He has had the last two days soaking up his worshippers adulation whilst curled up on the tapestry pouff├ęs in the window, having his photo taken every couple of minutes. He did get to spend most of the last week climbing things and helping out painting the shop.
Anyway, as you can tell, I am drivelling a tad. I've painted quite a bit of the shop, including the plywood box that holds our change room and storage cupboards. I've also installed more shelves above the racks and packed Xmas away. Cleaning out the store cupboards made me realise how desperately we need to have a studio sale... or perhaps a pop-up sale... really too hard to think about now...
Of course I have got absolutely nowhere with cleaning up the kitchen, the bathroom or upstairs. Or the studio. Oh lordy, I need another nap.
We are open today and shop hours are back to normal.
We'd love to see your smiling faces!

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