Wednesday, 8 January 2014

lazy days

So I am gradually easing into the year, I'm doing things but more along the lines of research and pottering about. I feel a bit guilty but really this is the only time of the year where I will get to take things a bit slower. Annoyingly most things I am chasing up will be unavailable for at least another week because those little businesses are lolling about too!
I am trying to plan a few things, get projects started and perhaps even go out for some day trips. I've realised how limited my life has been between shop and studio (perhaps living above the shop is an issue!) and how much I miss popping out and about. I think this week I need a mosey about the city, a few jaunts to look at other suburbs/towns and an hour/day lying under a tree somewhere.
Oh, and the house and studio still need to be cleaned.
And I need to choose a day to begin back at the studio.
The shop is ticking along and I will need to start making again.... but I still need a few more days of semi-rest....

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