Saturday, 18 January 2014


Morning all!
We'll we survived that... just.  Not much was done over the last four days apart from a lot of sweaty complaining and drinking of fluids, really just too damn hot. The whole house is still boiling but I am hoping that when I open the shop door at 11 a cooling breeze will blow though.  Yes the shop is open from 11 and will also be open tomorrow (Sunday) to make up for this weeks retail-outage. 
On the subject of outages Telstra has had a meltdown in the Fitzroy area and we have no mobile reception what-so-ever, so no phonecalls on the mobile in or out, no facebook and no instagram (which might be good) and no emails whilst I am in the shop today. Please call if you need to ask any questions rather than email/message. I had so much to say but it appears to have leaked out my ears....
I managed yesterday to end up by the side of the road in Bulla with no petrol in the car, luckily it was after the change had come through and it was quite pleasant sitting in the breeze and the occasional rain splatter watching the CFA trucks hurrying off to the next fire (well that wasn't pleasant, the fire bit). Coming home later in the evening I could see the Hell's Gate of a fire on the horizon and how it lit the sky red, a bushfire at night is demonic, the moon was up and glowing luridly from all the smoke and I drove home with the window down and it was , apart from the fire, nice to be out of the house.
Some things did happen whilst the shop was closed, sort of, kind of. We received a new shipment of the fabulous Heico lamps and are restocked with our favourite cockatoos and have a new creature to add, a gorgeous little hedgehog, he's really really cute and I have a soft spot for him as I am in lurve with @biddythehedgehog over on Instagram.
Please drop in if you are in the 'hood, you probably need to get out of the house and get some fresh air into your lungs. Go for a walk, have lunch out, breathe some fresher air.... maybe do some shopping!
We are open from 11am until 5pm today and from about 11.30am until 4.30pm tomorrow.

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