Saturday, 11 January 2014


Saturday morning.
I've done all my errands (and eaten the doughnut from Beatrix) and if I can I might slink back to bed for 15 minutes before I open the shop. Yes, it is my first shopgirl shift for the year, harsh. We had a great start on Monday but things have dwindled as the week progressed.... hot weather and holidays are hard on a little shop. I've been watching friends and others as they record their lovely holiday breaks, near and far, on social media and I feel a little like Cinders by the fireplace dreaming. January always starts with a bang and then reality plays havoc with your dreams and plans!
Just an advance warning... I am thinking that we may be closed a day or two this coming week. Last summer we instigated a 'close early/not open' rule if the weather was was at or over 40ยบ C and as we have a few of those coming up it may come into play again. Although the shop is really quite pleasant, I do think that as I wouldn't go out in such weather, that everyone else would also prefer to stay home and keep cool too. Some times I dream of having air-con, especially in my car, but sitting in front of a fan doing nothing is fine by me.
I'm in the shop today, I have lovely things to sell and would love a visit! Time to prepare for next weeks blast of heat... enamel milkshake beakers perfect for ice cold beverages and colanders for draining your summer berries and cherries in (remember the cherry season only lasts 100 days), wax print chemises (more on the way once I get into the studio) perfect for hot days and even a linen quilt to lie on in front of the fan.
OK, I'm off to have that nanna nap before the shop opens at 11.

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