Wednesday, 29 January 2014


So I don't know quite how it happened.
A late start to the morning with appointments and stuff and then I am shooting down the freeway to Geelong to pick something up. Then that gets delayed and suddenly (a number of hours later) I am watching the sun going down in Port Fairy.

I feel like I have been stuck at home/shop for the last couple of years and that, perhaps, I have in one instance of 'hitting the road' rediscovered the joys of driving for hours and ending up somewhere else. I know I do it when I am in Tasmania but this is the first time in ages I have just spur of the moment ended up miles from home.
I had to buy a toothbrush (and a phone recharger) it was so unplanned.

The whole thing wasn't totally unplanned, in that I had been meaning to go investigate something in the west but I hadn't actually decided it was to be at that precise moment. It wasn't best  financial time to hit the road but I did and now I am home. I have things to show you. Boxes of stock that we have been waiting 6 months for arrived whilst I was away and I have carted back some special things for the shop. The car still needs to be unpacked and there are piles of things to be carried up to the studio, things to be sorted and made, I have a lot to do.

I am weary from all the driving and think it is time for bed. I have some stock to price in the morning before I hit the studio tomorrow.  I also have a cat that was apparently very confused when I didn't come home last night.


  1. spontaneous adventures lift the was worth it for the sunset alone.

  2. We have been having family holidays at PF since the kids were little and just love it so much. The uncrowned beaches, historic houses,

  3. My comments keep getting eaten! Love PF very much, lots of hols there with our little kids, love the shipwreck wild historic vibe of the place, did you pass the haunted house? I have a little watercolour of it xx


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