Friday, 31 January 2014

on duty

Morning all.
I'm a wee bit shattered from a killer headache last night, probably my own fault for not have even one cup of tea yesterday when I normally drink a bucket and a half. Although I think it was one of those headaches that was brewing for days and then slammed me hard. 
I spent the day in the studio yesterday and finished a couple of 'party frocks' in this great indigo wax print, sunflowers and 'gingham' (it's not gingham but reminiscent of it) and also managed a couple of cushions made from vintage floral linens (would have done more but realised I only had two inserts of the right size... hate that). 
Today I am shopgirl. Tomorrow I am shopgirl. Most of next week I am shopgirl. 
So fabulous new stock arrived this week, the Nkuku fairtrade wire baskets are wonderful and we have also had their little glass display boxes arrive too. They remind me of the glass and brass boxes that were around when I was a teenager but these are dark lead grey in colour instead of the brass, they have little compartments for displaying things.
The thought of more hot weather is getting me down, it isn't good for a little retailer and I have to admit January has been a shit of a month on that front. The money juggling is making me a little ill and just when I should be in the studio making  things I am skiving off and running away. I really wish I was independently wealthy, it would be so much fun. Which reminds me, I better check my Powerball ticket. A waste of money I know but a girl's gotta dream.
OK. Off to eat brekky and get the things to keep my occupied in the shop together. 
Shopgirl duties await!

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