Saturday, 1 February 2014

super bowl

Just a quick post this morning before I race off to find somewhere to display the haul of vintage enamel bowls..... this is just a tiny fraction that I scored.
You know I love enamel and it was fun yesterday clean the first mountain I unpacked and sorting them into patterns. We have two styles, 4 sizes and lots of different designs but like anything hunter/gathered I have lots of some and hardly any of others. I love stencilled enamel and at one time toyed with the idea of a bit of enamelware graffiti about town but I am too impatient with a can of spray paint and cutting stencils would probably have lead to a scalpel in my leg or some other body part so I never got around to it.
These beauties are in the shop today as indeed I am too!
It's warming up out there but if you come out early and get home in front of the fan by about 3.30 you'll be fine.

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