Friday, 7 February 2014

sweltering again

Just a quick post this morning.
I am back being shopgirl after getting into the studio for one day this week. At least I got to get the ball rolling on a new design to use up the piles of wax-y (wax print) that has started to grow once again in the studio. The heat and the sheer amount of 'stuff' in the studio started to make me feel overwhelmingly claustrophobic.....
There is only one of these tops so far, size 2, contrast binding and facing. I have a stash of very special designs that might just be about ready to be chopped up and made into things and we had a delivery of fabric arrive yesterday in the favourite 'chicken and egg' and 'lima bean and bead' designs. I better get cutting and sewing.
As it is going to be super hot for the next couple of days shop opening hours may vary from our usual times. I hear today might be ok with a drop in temperature this afternoon and I will open in the morning but I may shut early if the heat becomes unbearable and everyone runs for the shade. I will post on FB and IG if I close earlier than normal.
Oh and I forgot! New shipment of Mason jars has arrived. I'll be tripping over them all day until I can find somewhere to stash the damn things.

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  1. oh Pen I absolutely love the wax prints that you're using! & love the top you made:)


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