Tuesday, 4 February 2014

not done (still/again)

Morning all.
I seem to be moving at the speed of a snail this morning. I blame a weird night of trashy documentary watching right before bed and a hot weather 'hangover' (and Jethro decided to sleep pressed into my back for most of the night, he was obviously in need of human contact). Any plans I had of an early start and a couple of hours work in the studio, as I am shopgirl most of this week, just didn't happen.
I wiped out yesterday with a visit to the trade fair at Jeff's Shed and my hip turning excruciatingly painful, I really need to get back into the good bouncy runners. I am back to feeling like the walking wounded with a sore foot, an aching hip and hand twinges that make me swear like a navvy (I have a foul mouth anyway). I really am quite pathetic.
I still haven't managed to design the wrap for the indigo dyed linen socks, the label for the handmade soap or the logo for the bags of vintage marbles. I spent an hour yesterday afternoon pulling at pattern blocks to work on a simple top to be made in the wax print fabrics and just couldn't click my brain on, it could also have been the studio was a total sweat box. Sweaty heat affects my brain, it does not work in humidity.
I am in the shop today and may even be spending the day making lists and scribbling little diagrams. It is cooler in town today and perfect weather to come sock buying and for trying on of cardigans. A couple of new wax print dresses are in store, there is enamel to ogle and the new wire baskets and glass display boxes to fiddle with.
Time to chase dust bunnies around the shop and wrangle Jethro out of his hidey-hole.
I must eat some muesli too.
And another cup of tea is in order too.

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  1. Do you have a Charlotte-ish wax print top or dress?


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