Saturday, 22 February 2014

saturday chatterday

Oh lordy, it is Saturday again!
How did that happen?
It's a bit grey and drizzly outside, hinting at Autumn (I hope) and I think it is time to start planning for bunkering down and nesting..... or maybe that is just what I am longing for. This not-making lark is driving me a bit batty (and I bet you are bored senseless with me harping on about it) and I am looking about the shop thinking 'oh I really must work on those patchwork Welsh blanket cushions this year.... and there was that pile of great tea towels I scored a month ago, they need to be made up.... people keep asking about the recycled canvas bags and that design for the leather ones that has been plaguing me for ages.... and that mountain of wax print that needs to sewn up....'. It's like I have an army of creative ghosts haunting me.
So I find out Monday what I am up for wrist-wise and for the first morning in the last week and a half I feel a little more centred. Although I am trying to stay off the painkillers it is not such a great idea and I must remember to take some before bed if I don't want to wake up in aching agony at 4am and end up feeling sleepless and shattered all day (I forgot last night and only managed a few hours after stumbling downstairs at 6am to take the damn things). And most of all I need to start working on some projects if I am to feel generally better.
I popped up to the studio this morning to hunt something out for a customer and I am shocked by the boxes of stock I have lying about.... that sale MUST happen. Please March give us some nice cool weather that people feel like going to a sale and trying stuff on in! I did go out yesterday and spent money on a new photo cube for shooting smaller product in (thanks to Elise's partner discovering these at Officeworks and fingers crossed it works!) and I am hoping that I will get some enamel and jars up onto the a re-vamped online shop.
Oh! Before I forget... all our fake birds... on sale 1/2 price! In the shop. You can call if you like and we can mail them to you. Don't go to the online shop for this as I don't have time to sort that out before I open the real shop this morning.
OK. Time to get my stuff together and start the shop day.
White Night is tonight, are you going?

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  1. No white night for me, am happy to look at everyone's photos, will be having a black starry night out in the burbs instead. Dying to see the Piranesis at SLV but can't hack the crowds that will be there tonight.....


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