Saturday, 1 March 2014

pie dishes of autumn

What a topsy week it has been. Bad news for dear friends, deliveries and unpackings, juggling and struggling, confirmation of surgery for me (next Friday) and trying to work out how to get as much making as I can do done in a few days.
I am definitely glad that Summer has ticked over and the light is lengthening. Autumn and Winter how I love thee. We still have hot weather coming but with the drop in the angle of the sun the bite just isn't quite so bad. There has been a week of auroras and I wish I could have just run away and followed them.
We had two deliveries of enamel this week. A small drop of Romanian Tara enamel of red kettles (they boil faster) and some big enamel basins which would look amazing filled with an autumnal harvest of apples and quinces. A big part of our Falcon order came through too and we've restocked the pie dishes and now have the new black 'granite' baking range as well.... and kettles in black enamel too, they are pretty special! I've spent a couple of evenings photographing and hopeful the images will be ok and I can get the online shop revamped. I haven't checked the images on the big screen yet and it's making me nervous. I'll let you know when it is up.
So today is the first day of Autumn..... time to come purchase your pie dishes!
I'm in the shop until 5 pm.
I might be reading this. I've been mourning the death of print newspapers and am exciting that in our time of appalling political crap and financial insecurity this paper has been started. If I didn't have to work today you would have found me sitting at my big kitchen table with a pot of tea and surrounded by newspapers. Of course I would have had to clean the kitchen table off first, sadly it's 6 years since I got to spend my Saturdays with tea, toast, 3RRR and the newspapers.

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