Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I am the hump

Morning all!
What a strange morning it is (weatherwise) it wants to rain but just can't quite do it. I'm hoping it will as it is a strange mix of humid and cool. Bring on some autumnal rain I say!
I'm in the shop today if you are looking for me. I'd like to say I was in the studio making stuff but apart from a couple of hours I might be able to squeeze in tomorrow my studio time is over for a week or two. Surgery on the hand and wrist happens on Friday and that is going to keep me out of action for a little while. I'm hoping even with a plaster cast for a couple of weeks (and then a splint) that I will still be able to sew. We've had a run on the wax print dresses this week and are crazily low now. I did manage to make some 'Alice' tops but I would love the chance to get some chemises and party dresses done in our new fabrics. I scored new designs on Monday too so the fabric mountain is getting even higher....
There are also new vintage floral linen cushions made and the cushion bunk is looking pretty lovely. There is some new (vintage) designs and some new pattern combinations.I've made two of each combo but they are available singularly of course.
Better bust a move. Got to get things together to do in the shop today. I'll be shopgirl until 6pm.

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  1. Good luck for the surgery, you poor thing, at least then it will be over and you can be back to normal, hopefully soon xx


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