Saturday, 15 March 2014

back at the counter

Hello all!
Don't know whether you noticed but there was no blog post last Saturday, as is usual.
I had surgery to my wrist to fix two things last Friday and they wouldn't let me out until lunchtime Saturday (which was good as I wasn't in a very good state from the anaesthetic). I'm stuck wearing a back-slab cast and bandages again but at least the swelling and bruising is disappearing. And I can for the first time in 6 months actually carry a mug of tea with my right hand so it must be on the mend!
I've spent most of this week pottering about, annoying shopgirls, moaning and complaining and eating all the fabulous care packages and garden produce that have been dropped off for me. I feel pretty lucky I have such lovely friends.... and thank you to the people who called and sent messages. The first few days were spent recharging with my purr therapist and thankfully now I have finished the high dose antibiotics I am feeling far less queasy. 
Even though I was out of action for most of the week we still had stock arriving and also had a chance to unpack stock from the week before. This weeks bounty was vintage French wooden toys from the Clair Bois factory that closed in the 70s, a new shipment of the brass handled scissors, gorgeous horn hair combs, vintage British scrubbing brushes and, yet to be unpacked, Slade woollen Autumn/Winter knits. We've got a shipment of vintage enamel and another four boxes of our newspaper carry bags arriving early in the week and I think things are only going to get worse..... zero storage here and I am not quite up to my usual box juggling.
We need to find homes for the Slade cotton knits and today I am knocking 40% off all of this Spring/Summer stock. Sales in the shop never seem to work at the Cottage but I don't have the energy to pack it all away and lug the boxes to the studio so please take advantage of this and come and buy some cotton cardis!! You will be doing me a favour!! We will also mail these anywhere in Australia flat rate $10. You can call the shop if you want to check colours, styles and sizes. I'm also thinking if I can get my act together tomorrow I might be able to get some photographed and into the online shop... what do you think? Would you like that?
OK, I'd better get off the computer and downstairs to sort stuff out. 
I am in the shop today, come and visit!

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